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Montag, 22.07.2024

Blockupy Frankfurt: Promised, fulfilled?

This portrayal is unembellished: we know our limits. We know that these limits are more restricted than we would like. We wanted to be more; we wanted more often to be the one decisive step ahead. We’ve wished that there would have been more tents on the squares, for a longer period. We had prepared a large range of asambleas and und meetings, opportunities to have a free exchange and free debates. The violence of the bans and the violence of those who executed them, kept us from doing so.

Blockupy Frankfurt was just a beginning. But a beginning is something that can be instantaneously reiterated, always new. This is what we trusted in; this is what we believed in, together with many others. This is what we have now made possible.

Capital, state and their apparatus of violence knew this, and this is what they tried to prohibit by their means. This is what democracy looks like: a doubled face. Their face and ours. Everybody saw. From this experience many people have drawn their conclusions, others will follow tomorrow.

Capital, state and their apparatus of violence will still be there tomorrow. We will be there, too. We will come back. We will meet again in Frankfurt, in Rome, in Athens, in Barcelona, in Tunis. Make capitalism history. Worldwide. Promised.

Thanks to all who joined us and will join us again.

Interventionist Left, May 20th

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